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Good morning and happy Friday my friends! {the 13th i might add too incase you didn't realize it}. I hope it is fantastic regardless.
I have a real treat for you today that i came across this week.

Remember the project i wanted to do and posted about? Well i still haven't completed (well actually started is the right word) because i haven't found the right frame yet and i haven't had time to focus. I am however starting a "big list of little projects to do" as well as a "little list of big projects to do." Crazy, right?

Well, i came across this website and found a wall chalkboard vinyl! Perhaps this could be my substitute? Not convinced yet, but they are awfully cute. And.. i'm thinking one day for a toy room!

| source: Wall Candy Arts |

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Does anyone have anything super fun planned?


milk tea + polkadots said...

I like! That's a great find. :)

I have 2 kids' birthday parties to go to this weekend. Gonna get my fill of pizza and a buffet! Have a great weekend!

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