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Good morning!

I wanted to share the most adorable book that i received from a client yesterday. She had sent me the link quite sometime ago when we first started working together. I designed a logo for her new upscale baby boutique to open next year. She is young, but oh so ambitious, determined and a smart lady. I really enjoyed my time working with her.

Would would chat about our adoption all the time. There never was a moment when we met when she didn't ask how i felt, how everything was and gave encouraging words to me. She is really a doll.

I had put the link for this book in my favorites, realizing i would purchase it one day, knowing it wasn't a priority at the time. Well, yesterday i received a gift from my client and in the pretty little package was the book! I seriously had tears in my eyes. It really is the little things in life! It was so thoughtful of her and to know me so well! I mean, what designer wouldn't want a fabulous book filled with amazing typography for their baby? Look how fun this book is!

If you want a copy, you can get it here.
Have an amazing day my friends!


Hurdles of Life said...

too cute!!

Kim @ Don't Kid Yourself said...

Not sure if you follow Young House Love, but they had a really cute DIY idea with the Alphabeasties flashcards. Super cute :)


Wendy said...

Awww....how nice is that?

Rebecca said...

Isn't is just adorable? I'm so excited to read to my munchkin one day!

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