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Happy Monday my friends!
I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was awesome. I love my weekend time with Christopher. I cherish all we do together whether we are at home watching a movie or simply listening to blue-grass like we did Saturday night. A new experience for me, but fun nonetheless.

Last week, i got this dreaded email from our agency:

"...I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to remind you that your home study will expire on September 28, 2010.

It is important for your home study to be current. Most states require that home studies be updated annually, and we would never want you to miss out on a potential situation because your home study expired. ..."

Ugh. So that means, dishing out more dough. I guess i never thought we would have to update it. I really thought we would have been matched and wouldn't have to take this step. But alas, we do. So starts the home study. No, nothing has changed, but it is the law. At least i love our social worker and look forward to the meetings to see her again! So there is a positive.

After she emailed the note, i called for an update. I called at the 4 month, 8 month and now 10 month marks.

The latest is that our profile has been out 17 times. 17 mommies have seen or have our profile in their hands. Most babies have obviously been born and matched already, but there is one due in Florida in September, one in Oregon in October, 2 in NY in February and one in Florida in March. So a few really early pregnancies, but could they be our baby? I guess only time will tell!


bklyn76 said...

i'm really hoping by some fluke of nature you get that call before you fork over the dough, but i feel like it may just happen right after you pay! [isn't that always the way?] my fingers are always crossed for you guys.

Rebecca said...

@bklyn - Ha! Christopher and i already said that! The story of our life. ;-P

Nicole said...

Wow, 5 possible matches in the coming months?!? That's very exciting (and nerve wracking)! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you guys :)

Amy said...

17 viewings is so great! That means that there are a lot of babies being born. Your baby is coming. I just know it! Keep the faith!!

nikinikinine said...

Oh Rebecca, I can't believe it's already time to renew your home study. Wow. So tell me, with the viewings, do they only allow people that fit your requirement to view your profile?

Big (((HUGS))) I know that this road is long and frustrating, but I also know in my heart that one day you will look back on this and understand that every second spent waiting was worth it.

My fingers are crossed for you guys that you will find your match out of what's been sent out.

Stephanie R said...

We had to update our home study too. It seemed like such a hassle at the time. Now it's all just a distant memory.

Praying you receive "the call" very very soon!

Rebecca said...

@Niki - yes, our profile is only sent to those birthmothers who meet our criteria.

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