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This is a small food prep area in our kitchen.

I think ultimately, we are going to get rid of the painted piece that is there and get a butcher block instead. Yesterday as Christopher and i were prepping dinner, i was thinking how nice it would be to have a chalkboard hung to put our weekly menu. We pre-plan every week because things just get so hectic in our lives, and it makes it really easy. I was thinking i will be on the lookout for a cool old frame, paint it white and add chalkboard paint. Here, next to the window is probably the best spot for it.

I have always thought that area of the wall was rather bare anyway, so this will be a nice way to spruce it up!

Here are some inspiration photos i found:

{ source: Aubrey + Lindsay }

{ source: Design*Sponge }

Has anyone ever done this? I wonder how good the chalkboard paint works, and what brand works best?


Michelle said...

One of my friends used the magnetic paint, with a coat of chalkboard paint over it (I think the paint dept at Lowes explained to her how to do it/which order). She did this in her mudroom, on a full wall and said it works perfectly, erases fine,etc.
She has one area with a calendar sketched on it, another for recipes, menus, and uses magnets like you would for photos on your fridge.

Stephanie said...

A friend of mine has used the chalkboard paint from Lowes in her kitchen. She uses it for her weekly menu and it looks super cute!

nikinikinine said...

I got the stuff at Home Depot and it works pretty good, but I heard Sherwin Williams' paint is the best. And I recently saw chalkboard paint that comes in color (if you didn't want to do it in black). Sweet.

There was a beautiful old antique (huge) mirror that I saw at an antique store when we were down in Rhinebeck that would be perfect for this. Let me know if you want more info :)

Christine said...

I did this (sort-of). I painted the glass on the folding door in our kitchen with chalk board paint. It turned something completely un-functional into something very useful. I use it mostly to write notes and to keep a list of things that I need to get- as I run out while I'm cooking. I should start putting our weekly menu on there though. I'm not sure which type is the 'best' but make sure you paint on a mirror or glass - something very smooth (not your wall!) and you will get much better results. GL!

Priscila said...

I made a chalkboard out of a shabby chic huge clock I had. We moved so in the move the clock broke. I took it apart and added wood where the face of the clock once was and painted it with chalk paint. It looks like it never was a clock! Its very cute!

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Jenn and Joe said...

Someone I know did the magnetice paint with the chalkboard paint over it, I found that it was hard to write on, but I think it would depend on how smooth your wall is.
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Rebecca said...

thanks for all of the advice on how to make it work ladies! I am excited. Right now, our list sits on the side of the fridge on the back of our weekly market list. I can't believe the paper lover that i am, i have yet to design something for our weekly menus. However i'm excited to do this!

@niki - i would love to hear about that antique place, even if i don't get the frame there, i still would love to go and look!

Down and Out Chic said...

yes, i've done it! it was easy peasy and so much fun. i used rust-o-leum (not sure if i'm spelling that correctly). spray paint definitely, not the brush on (ick).
good luck!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

I love that last one. AS for the chalkboard paint....every designer that uses it say's it's fantastic...I don't know. If you do this project it would be great for you to review the paint!

Momma Snail said...

I haven't done this but these pictures are so inspiring! I think I might do the magnetic paint and then the chalkboard paint. Thanks! Love your blog, by the way!

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