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One of the hardest parts of adopting (besides the wait of course) is trying to plan trips, vacations, etc. We decided shortly after we became active that we would live life like normal. We decided to not live our lives around the "what-ifs". I have to say, it has done us good and has made a world of difference. We figured at least if we don't travel to another country, we'll be safe with shorter drive trips. So... let the planning begin!

Christopher surprised me with season tickets to the Bills. I told him he now has to get me some new outerwear. Here was us a couple of years ago, Dec. 22 i think, freezing cold and wet! But it was so fun.

We have also planned a week at our friend's house in Rhode Island again.

This year though, some friends and their kids are coming as well as my sister, her husband and of course, Ellie and Ava. I'm so excited! Of course, here's hoping we have a baby in tow too.

We are also planning some camping trips and other day trips. We will have enough going on this summer to make time fly!

Have a terrific Thursday!


Patty said...

That looks like so much fun, I'm sure it will be even more exciting with a baby!

bklyn76 said...

bills, eh? they've been having some games in toronto for the past few years, so if they do that again soon, you should drive up here to toronto for a game and i'll show you the town!

rhode island looks so relaxing...

Laura and Walter said...

We've been waiting for 18 months now and have made statements, (like when planning for a trip in the future), "well, we might have a baby then, or I don't know if we can do that..." but in order to maintain our sanity we have had to do what you said, live life "normally", keep doing the things we like to do until we are blessed to have our little one in our home.

question..I have an adoption blog, right now it is private, because I was concerned about BM's reading it...any thoughts?

Rebecca said...

@laura and walter - I'm so sorry your wait has been long. I hope it has gone quickly for you at least. Keep thinking positive thoughts and you WILL be a mom one day. :-)

I think having your blog open might open you up to potential BM's. You never know who is reading. Think of it like a networking tool. As long as you aren't compromising her identity i would open it up! ;-)

Laura and Walter said...

thank you for your advice Rebecca. I am also glad to connect with others who are going through the process. Blessings in your journey!

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