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Last week i asked if you wanted to know anything and a few asked questions. So as promised, here are the answers to your questions!

Sarah: Ok, well I'd definitely like to hear more about how you started your business. Anything and everything you'd be willing to share:)

Rebecca: Hey Sarah! It is hard to answer in just a few sentences. The short answer is that 4 years ago when I was engaged, I was drawn to my invitations more than any other aspect of the wedding. I always had been though even as a little girl. I was addicted to the Hallmark store in our town. It is literally where I spent my allowance every, single, week! So it came naturally and after working at various marketing, web development firms, etc – it finally hit me, that stationery was where i was supposed to be! Sort of hit me like a ton of bricks. And the rest is history. I started with clients here and there, learning and making mistakes as I went. (to which I still do) ;-)

The long story is that I quit my full time job to work retail full time so I still had an income but with flexible hours. It allowed me to meet with clients during the day and talk to vendors. Being an stationery designer was my dream, my passion and I wanted it bad. I think I worked non-stop to research, research and research to make things happen. I met with a business counselor at SCORE, wrote my business model and tried to figure out where I could eventually see myself in 6 months, 12 months and so on. I can’t lie, it is hard work. There are ups and downs and the art world is very competitive. However, it is the most gratifying feeling in the world to accomplish your dreams and knowing you can be what you want. What you put into it is exactly what you get out of it.

You have such a passion for what you do, so i have no doubt you will be successful! You are so creative Sarah, so put your mind to it and you can do it.

Nicole: A. How do you design your graphics ~ i.e. program/s etc B. How do you print your stationary?

Rebecca: Hey Nicole! I hand sketch all my ideas on paper first before scanning and re-creating on the computer. My favorite program is Illustrator, but i also use Photoshop and InDesign. I have also used imagery from books and recreated it from there depending upon the look I am after, the feel and theme. All of the illustrations you see (including all my cards) are my hand illustrations.

As far as printing goes, I outsource that part. I won't hand anything over to a client that is less than stellar, so I am sure that i work with top quality printers and letterpress artists. It took a ton of research to find just the right match, but i love the people i work with and they are part of my everyday life now. I do own a high-end laser printer that i can use for some accessories when a client wants to save a bit of money.

Wendy: Have you been continuing to put together ideas for your nursery?

Rebecca: Admittedly, i did stop working on the nursery. Not because i didn't want to, but because of time. I just had so much going on with my business i had to shift my focus. We also felt like we have everything we need incase we get placed instantly, the rest are just wants. However, things are starting to balance out and we are refocusing on the rest of the details so we don't spend all summer working in there again. I have lots of goodies to share including a table we are hacking the legs to make it work in there!

Thanks for your questions and allowing me to step into your life! I'll have some really exciting news next week to share with you all.

*(disclaimer: Does not involve a baby) :-) I had to say that because when i called one of my closest friends to tell her this news, she totally thought it was baby related, and told me i best include a disclaimer next time.


Sarah said...

Awesome, Rebecca! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us more about everything! Too funny about you spending all your money at Hallmark when you were little:) Its a big risk to leave your full time job and strike out on your own, so proud of you! Your determination and drive is really admirable. I'm still working full time, doing this on the side. I haven't had the guts to quit flat out yet. I went about it slightly differently than you, I didn't do such a hot job with the whole business plan part...lol! I sort of just thought...let me see if people would actually pay me to do something I love and go from there. So now I'm at the "there" stage!! Thanks for your vote of confidence, its mean a lot coming from someone as talented as you. Can't wait to hear the exciting news!!!!

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