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Ok, totally doing the double post thing again, but i can't help myself. After so many countless hours of work, determination, passion, ups and downs, etc.... I have some exciting news to share!

The Pink Orange letterpress line that i have created over months and months has made it into a retail paper boutique!

I won't lie, this is exactly how i felt, after shedding happy tears and calling my husband. It wasn't without the "did we get a baby?" question as i texted him while he was away in San Francisco and attached about 27 exclamation points that he needed to call me. I guess i could see his point. I did it to another friend too, and got the friend lecture about putting a disclaimer when i call with excitement that it doesn't include baby news.

So for those of you who are local to the area, you can now find my cards for sale at Paperdolls of Saratoga. Stop in and say hello to Cora and Sarah, the are so fabulous.

Also, in other exciting news, if you aren't local to me, my site has been updated with a brand spanking new boutique to purchase my designs. I hope you enjoy it! I would love any feedback, negative and positive is fine with me!

Thanks everyone for all of your support of my work, i truly appreciate it.


Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! That is amazing:) I can only imagine all the hard work that went into this...what a great achievement!!!! I'm super psyched, one of my good friends just bought a letterpress machine, I'm hoping she lets me use it;) Way to go, girl!

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