{ "the best kept secret" }


That is what the Chamber of Commerce says about Charlestown, Rhode Island.

Here is what else is said:
"...offers travelers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of fast paced urban life, but is under an hour’s driving distance from both Newport and Providence. With miles of coastline, Charlestown is the place for swimming, boating, sailing, wind surfing, and beach-combing, In our wildlife refuges, parks and ponds, you also can enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, exploring, and bird watching..."

I had never heard of Charlestown before. Then i found out a friend revamped a beach house there, and she is letting us stay! So we are taking a much needed, (and well deserved i must add) break. We are going for a long weekend next week. I have so much to do before then, so when we get there, it will feel so darn good. It is just about a 3 hour drive for us and there is a private beach, tons of space and lots to do, but in a relaxing environment. Just a ferry ride to Block Island too!

Here are some photos of the house:

Totally excited for a little time for us and away from computers, cell phones and stress!
Have a wonderful Wednesday...


bklyn76 said...

you guys definitely deserve it! take the time to relish in the wonderfulness of your relationship as it is about to change drastically [for the better]! enjoy being disconnected from the world!

Wendy said...

How nice! You will have so much fun. Have a great trip :)

Hoity Toity Baby said...

I'd ask to tag along...but that wouldn't be very romantical now would it?! LOL Seriously...my little blogging friend....HAVE FUN!

Rebecca said...

thanks ladies! I am looking forward to the time away!

NIKKISS08 said...

Have fun on your well-deserved mini-vaca! Make sure to take good notes as we're hopeful that B will be in Providence this year and I'll be looking for day trips!

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