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Now that our closet is complete we can have the floor fixed and start decorating. We have enlisted the help of our friends business, Hansen's Wood Flooring. Instead of tearing out the entire inside of the closet to get the floor to look seamless, we have come up with a less expensive, yet beautiful way to solve our dilemma. The holes in the floor will be filled and then a little bit more taken out a few inches over to create a border as you would enter the closet. I loved the idea and that the entire floor won't have to be stripped and re-sanded to match. So hopefully, that will happen this weekend or early next week.

So now we have planned our trip to IKEA to get the other goodies we will need. I am too excited. I have a fairly large lists of needs and wants!

I planned out the floorplan this weekend, and this is what i came up with:

I had to switch up some things a bit because the end result of the closet was a bit wider on that one wall than i had previously thought it would be, and my intention was to set the changing table there. But the bookcase will look just as nice and not protrude into the room as far anyway. The room is a nice size, but not overly large either, so it was a bit tricky to make the most of the space. Also, the windows are fairly large and long, so they played a role as i couldn't use that wall space.

Here is the design board i made to show the various pieces that will go in the room. My head is filled with accessory ideas that i couldn't add, but i think you can get the general gist of things here.

I am now on the search for some accent fabrics, sheers and roman shades. I have the ideas in my head of what i want, i just need to unload them and make it all happen!

On another note, our profile proof has been approved and they are in the printing process now, and our social worker is just finalizing our home study report for us to review. Yay for being almost in the wait!

Have a wonderful Wednesday


Renee said...

Room design is great only thing i would suggest is you might want the changing pad table closer to the crib for those middle of the night changes. You can alwasy be like us and put a changing pad on the floor that could be closer to the crib.

Rebecca said...

Renee - thanks for the input. My sister in law mentioned the same thing, however the room is only 10x 11, so i'm not that worried. It will take me 2 steps to get to the crib with my long legs! =)

nikinikinine said...

fabric stores you will love. Bolt in Latham - can be pricey (some fabrics are $7-9/yd but the good stuff is $23+. However for a pillow or accent fabric it would totally be doable). And Osgoods in Massachusetts. About an hour and 15 minute drive from here. Totally worth the trip. But owned by hasidic jews, so closed on Saturday open on Sunday (don't make the mistake that I made!!!) Awesome selection of ridiculously inexpensive fabrics.

Nikki said...

Your nursery is going to be fabulous! I really like the crib.

Wendy said...

Of course I love all of your ideas (but especially the owl!!)

Rebecca said...

@ niki - thanks for the suggestions. I have been to Bolt and love it there!

@ nikki and wendy - thanks so much for the compliments.. i'm anxious to start putting everything together!

bklyn76 said...

what beautiful colours and decor ideas! i still want that owl. [my friend wasn't able to get to target before visiting me. :(]

i'm so excited that your profile is being printed! i can't even imagine what YOU'RE feeling!

Sarah said...

Awesome!!! Love the inspiration board, that are is so cute!

So, I don't know much about adoption (yet). Does your profile going to print mean that you are approved and like going into the queue? If so, congrats! That must be one big step down..so happy for you guys:)

Rebecca said...

@bklyn - email me at rebecca@thepinkorange.com, i will try and get the owl for you!

@sarah - profile going to print means we are almost there! Once the agency has our printed profiles and our completed home study report, we are considered active! So at any point after that, we could be selected. It is very exciting and i can't wait to be there!

G+D said...

Love the colors and accessories you've chosen! I was at Target the other day and saw a Pack N Play that I think you would like--it was primarily dark brown, but the accent color was similar to the light blue you're using, and it had a cute owl pattern. It was so adorable!

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