{ gorgeous bags oh my! }


I don't know why i insist on torturing myself with fabulous fall bags. The past couple of weeks i have been talking about all the fun fall shopping out there, and for some reason, this fall more than ever! The chilly northeast weather didn't help yesterday, and the fact that i started to do my seasonal purging added to my insanity i'm quite sure.

Armed with my afternoon java and Bailey's, i took to closet cleaning and have a nice pile started, as well as a shopping list! More recently, i got an amazing purse from Jess over at Makeunder My Life. However, as you all know, one new bag just isn't enough! I realized how i was lacking a fabulous, oversized bag!

So of course, i switch gears and start my search for the perfect bag. And boy oh boy, when i get a vision in my head, i don't stop until i find what i want. Well... did i ever find some of the most gorgeous bags! Check these out. And of course, the bag of my dreams. These are from designer Linea Pelle.

{ Alyssa shoulder bag }

{ Dylan folding clutch }

These are the 2 black ones i am in lust with...
{ Dylan zip tote }

{ Dylan large bowler }

How great does Marcia Cross look with hers?

And the accessories? How awesome for just a pop of color this fall.
{ Dome studded bracelets }
| source: Linea Pelle |

So i finished drooling on my keyboard and nicely asked my husband for an anniversary gift (it is next week). To which he answered... "i think you have enough bags already, don't you?" Men.
I do get it, our adoption is costing us our arms and legs, so until then, my new bags are dreams and hopefully yours to share!


bklyn76 said...

i hate you. ok, i don't hate you, but i should not be coveting yet another bag! ack, which one shall i choose???

Wendy said...

I love bags!!!

I have 3 diaper bags now and the baby isn't even here yet! I bought one but the other 2 were gifts because my bag-loving ways are well-known!!!

Wendy said...

And I love purses, too!

Rebecca said...

@ brkyln - sorry, i had to do it! =) I just love them all. You can almost feel how luscious the leather is.

@ Wendy - i haven't even started shopping for a diaper bag. All i know is that i don't want a diaper bag "look". If LP had a diaper bag, i'd be all over it!

b.a. said...

forever21 has bracelets very similar to those for like $4!!! i have one in that "citron" color. get there!

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