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So yesterday i posted my decor and inspiration board for our nursery. I want to make (or have made) some fun pillows, cover some mattes or wood cut into various shapes and sizes and perhaps roman shades. I am still playing around with the idea of just white shades and sheers with a pop of color for the tieback. It will depend upon what i find.

I have been scouring stores and the internet for some goodies and have found some beauties!

Love these retro florals:

{ source: Tonic Living }

Love this one, but it's not the right color combo

Totally in love with this one, but i saw it in person and it is a tad dull for our color scheme
{ source: Calico Corners }

Love the bright, stimulating pattern of this one
{ source: Calico Corners }

Or... when all else fails, i can design my own!


or here..
{ source: Spoonflower & Karmakraft }

I had found a few others and now i lost them. If anyone knows of any other custom fabric links, please share!

Have a terrific Thursday!


virginia said...

I love those prints and I do know of some beautiful organic fabrics, this is the web:http://www.harmonyart.com/index.html

Rebecca said...

thanks Virginia!
I checked out the site and there are some very cool fabrics there.

G+D said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! I'm sure whatever you choose, it is going to look just lovely!

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