Closet demo: Part 2


Well...the worst part is over. Thank goodness! After 4+ hours of demolition, lots of coffee (with 2 spilt cups), snacks, spats, 5 gallons of spackle, 6 full bags of garbage, scratches, bumps and bruises and 2 weekend assignments later and we are done! The only thing left to do is have the floor fixed and build the storage units. (that is the easy part though)!

This is what we started with as a reminder...

After all the new trim was made from approximately 5 pieces of smaller trim to re-create what was there, we were able to start painting!

Oh... how i love to tape

This is mid paint, getting rid of the awful shade of yellow

So, the moment we have all been waiting for....
As another reminder, Christopher mumbling i'm quite sure, although he never really came out with it..."what the hell were we thinking?"


The new trim

I have to give Christopher all (OK most) of the credit for the trim. I helped him design it to mimic the old 95 year old stuff, but he used his fun new corner cutting thingie to actually do the work. Kuddos to him!

Here is the crib (yes... filled with my purchases so far) on the wall. We both love the paint color and the crib in there more than we thought!

So, now the fun begins of decorating!

The last piece after getting the floor fixed is putting in the closet system. We have been comparing product at IKEA and Walmart so far as well as Lowe's. We haven't made a final decision, but this is sort of what we have come up with for organizing.

I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head and i can't wait to share! Christopher says our child is going to be one spoiled baby.. i like to call it "well loved."

Have a terrific Tuesday all!


NIKKISS08 said...

You guys are my DIY heros. Seriously, awesome job--the trim looks perfect!

HoityToityBaby said...

It looks FANTASTIC! LOVE the color!

Sarah said...

hi, rebecca!!! omg, i'm so glad you found my blog today and now i've found you!! on so many levels...we need to talk:) first off, the room looks awesome! i'm so loving that new paint color. secondly, checked out "the pink orange" and your work is gorgeous!!! i have a ton of questions to ask you:) and thirdly, my hubs and I have been trying to start a family for 2.5 years now. i would love to talk to you more about your journey (i have endo too and 2 closed fallopian tubes, we're about to start IVF)...and i'm so interested in adoption as well...good luck to you guys with everything! i think you are my new best friend;)

Stephanie said...

Love it! The color, the closet, everything. :)

spearmint baby said...

it looks beautiful!!

Nikki said...

Great color and crib! I really like the crib. That is going to be a great closet.

Marcy said...

You guys did a fantastic job! I'm quite jealous!

Rebecca said...

thanks for the compliments everyone! It was a labor of love, for sure.

cherie said...

WOW... that is so impressive! Gorgeous work! And remember... you can never really spoil a baby!

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