{ the great rocker debate }


So ever since Christopher and i started talking about the nursery, i knew we would need (want) a rocker from Day 1. He wasn't so convinced. He thought we could bring the baby home and "see if they need it." Golly, boys are so darn endearing. I tried sweetly to let him know that every baby needs a rocker. I had pleaded my case because i had it in my head what i wanted all along. A comfy, overstuffed, upholstered rocking chair. And...according to my floor plan, it would fit! So i would slip the rocking chair item into pretty much every nursery conversation we had. Christopher was really not amused with me. I think he being the practical one, and me the one that reacts on emotion and motherly instinct and the fact that i nannied for so long- (you would think i know)! Finally, he came to understand, and then began the conversations of what to get.

My initial thought was to go more modern like this
{ source: Nurseryworks }

However, since there are no local retailers, that option was out. Since i am tall, i wanted to make sure it was wide enough and deep enough for my legs.

Next up, the Dream Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids.
{ source: Pottery Barn Kids }

So this one, i have tried a bunch of times. It is so dreamy (hence the name i suppose) but pretty large. I was OK with taking up the space in the room. I was thinking a twill white fabric. That way, we can put it somewhere else one day. It wasn't "funky" enough looking for Christopher though. I was bummed, i really wanted this one.

So we looked around again and found this one
{ source: Nurseryworks by Zac and Zoe }

While the right fabric color was available and the height seemed right on, i was still not sure about ordering online. I fell in love with the classic style of the wing, mixed up with the modern lines.

So last weekend we made a trip to IKEA, and figured we would try this one
{ source: IKEA }

It was actually really comfortable. The seat depth was fabulous. I could cross my legs in it if i wanted to. However, the seat back height was not that great. If i leaned my head back while rocking, i would get a stiff neck. It wasn't quite tall enough.

Surprisingly, we ended up with this one!

{ source: IKEA }

At a fabulous price, it has the modern lines, the high back, deep seat and rocks so well. We both sat in it and loved it! I was so surprised at where we started and where we ended up. It looks great in the nursery, and Clemens has tested it already too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Heather said...

We have that same chair in our living room with the ottoman and LOVE it. It's the favorite chair for friends to sit in when they come over. :) It's going to be great in the nursery!

Stephanie said...

We are still in the midst of our rocker debate. I also love the dream rocker, but not the price tag. No Ikea here and I don't think I can convince the hubs to drive 3 hrs for rocking chair options. ;) We definitely need to sit before we buy. lol

Rebecca said...

@ heather - it is soo comfy! I was surprised.

@ Stephanie - IKEA is worth the drive. It took us about 2 hours to get to the closest one to us. You will find plenty of goodies while you are there, besides the rocker.

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Yes ALL babies need a rocker! And speaking from experience, you need one with arm that are high enough for you to rest your arm on! We started out with a traditional rocker and finally broke down and bought a (I HATE to admit it) Lazyboy recliner. It's over stuffed (we picked the fabric) and it's been perfect, even 2 years later, we're still rocking them in the big chair!

Anonymous said...

I've seen your blog through other blogs I semi-stalk and have become fascinated with the design world again. I was in school for interior design and now teach English at a middle school... as for the Ikea chairs, I have the squarish one (your first picture of Ikea chairs) and use it in my classroom for my students. It was a great rocker while I had it, and the prices are right.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

we're loving the stylish chairs

Rebecca said...

thank you anon. and Perfect Palette!

Clare Cassar said...

I bet if you covered the upholstery in some uber fabulous printed fabric it would look ever cooler!! Something from Amy Butler or Alexander Henry - I used to design for Pottery Barn Kids and LOVE this pattern: http://www.ahfabrics.com/products.php?cat_id=744

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