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So since late spring/ early summer i have been running regularly. As i posted here, i have really enjoyed it. My friend Niki, just ran a half marathon and loved it. So we have been chatting and we are thinking of running a shorter one this October. It is the Great Pumpkin Run and at 10k, it would be a challenge for me, as i haven't run that far yet, but still time to train. It is just about one month away, and i know having a goal like that would be good for me. I get worried about failure, i have all my life, so when i put something in writing, like this, out there to the world, it makes me commit to my goals.

Here is the course:

So needless to say, it is scary, but i think along with a friend, some good tunes and Christopher cheering me on, i can do it!

Enjoy your day!


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hey Rebecca- you can do it! I don't run currently but am hoping to get back into it. A few years ago I went from ZERO running to finishing a marathon 9 months later (ok, so I barely finished ;-).
Running with a partner is so much fun and motivating- enjoy your training and the race. What a gorgeous time of year for it, too.

nikinikinine said...

YAYAYAYAY! You can SO do this. Here's the training program I'm using for this race. It's 8 weeks, and we clearly only have 4, but I'm going to just do weeks 3, 5, 6, and 7. Figure out a combination that will help you up your milage but start off comfortably.


Yay I'm super excited now.

Jess LC said...

You can definitely do it! Just remember, you can run twice as far as your last run. And if you need to slow down or walk is irrelevant, the goal is to complete the distance :).

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Oh you are so inspiring! I've tried running....but the girls are too big! LOL maybe they wouldn't be if I ran a little!

Rebecca said...

thanks for the good vibes ladies! I'm looking forward to it now.

G+D said...

You can do anything you put your mind to, girl! I have faith in you. Good luck, and good for you!!

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