{ the mailman must love me this week }


It is definitely that time of year again! Back to school and work, fall decor, sweaters, sneakers and socks! Like i mentioned here, the only thing i really don't love about the fall is the fact that it gets so darn cold. Every other aspect of fall, i enjoy.. especially new fall clothes and decor.

All week long, my mailbox has been full of what else? New catalogs! Ahhhh... the days of growing up and pouring over the really fat JcPenny and Macy's catalog that came in the mail. I would take my time and put outfits together and dog-ear each page of the pieces that i would lust over and beg my mother to order. (There were 3 of us, and all girls, so that meant shopping trouble)! Well, all these years later, things are still the same. Piled next to my bed on the nightstand and next to my favorite spot in the living room, sits a view similar to this:

And this is just the beginning...

J.Crew, IKEA, Nordstrom and Anthrologie oh my! What is a girl to do? Usually, i start to hyperventilate, and then i do what any other shopaholic does. I purge! I go through and reorganize my closet. I decide what i am utterly bored with, outgrown, or is just plain boring in comparison to the new textures, patterns and colors for the new season! That task will start very soon. I then donate anything that fits into that category and get my list ready.

Here are some favorites so far:
{ source: Anthropologie }

{ source: Anthropologie }

{ source: J.Crew }

{ Source: J.Crew }

So those are some of my dog-eared pages! What are some of your "must haves" this season?


bklyn76 said...

oh how i miss my catalogs! these days my mailbox is filled with baby magazines. probably better for my wallet, though now seeing the anthro and jcrew stuff you posted is making me salivate! [and anthro JUST opened up in toronto!]

my closet needs a huge purge though. i can't believe how much stuff i lugged from brooklyn only to be put in the canadian donation piles.

nikinikinine said...

I'm so jealous of your amazing model height. I loved almost everything in the J. Crew catalog this month (except for the neon socks with open toed shoes). But I am so short that layering like that looks contrived and bulky on me. *le sigh* I will admire you all season though.

Rebecca said...

@ brlyn - I love magazines, even if i don't end up buying what i orginally thought i would! So fun for inspiration.

@ niki - thanks for the compliment! I'm looking forward to the layered look because i'm always so darn cold!

bklyn76 said...

i, too, LOVE magazines, any magazines really, but have no time these days to read anything between naps and playtime with my babe. i think i finally realized why baby/parenting magazines are so thin...moms don't have any time to sit and read a thick, juicy one!

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