Yesterday, i was talking about the memories of back to school shopping. It was my favorite time of the school year! Going back to school, seeing my friends again, sharing summer adventure stories!

I do remember being in grade school, all my clothes had my name tagged inside. I really don't know why my mother did this. We didn't change for gym class, we wore a smock in art class. I think that is where i got some of my anal-retentiveness and my love of monograms and anything with names! I loved pencils with my name on it (although i was Becky at that time, it wasn't until i was 20 that i wanted the more "sophisticated" version of my name), pads of paper and anything else you could think of that could be personalized.

When i saw found the website Mabel's Labels, not only did it remind me of the little redhead girl i once nannied name Mabel, but also of when i was Mabel's age, with tags in my clothes! So now... i can't wait to purchase some!

Check these out!
{ the classic clothing label }

{ the bag tag }

{ i love these allergy alerts. Fantastic idea! }

{ my favorite, the crafter pack. I did make my own version of this years ago }

Since i am on the subject of monogramming and personalizing, check these out from Fontaine Maury.

{ personalized plates }

{ personalized stamp }

{ how cute are these personalized clip boards? }

So if you aren't already monogrammed obsessed, perhaps i have put you over the edge! =)

Have a fabulous Friday!


bklyn76 said...

omg, why oh why did i read this post today? i have so much to do yet here i stare at the wonderful offerings at fontaine maury! my babe is really too young to need labels or stamps but you know i'm going to put in an order for him anyway! [and add something for me too!]

btw, mabels labels are big with the kids i teach! i think the underlying reason i went into teaching was to go back to school shopping for myself every year!

Rebecca said...

LOL.. i know what you mean! I am in love with everything. I wish i knew what sex we were adopting, i would place a huge order now!

I love your justification for teaching! hmmm... perhaps i should get another degree!

NIKKISS08 said...

I totally need those plates! My mom still makes fun of me for how excited I used to get for back-to-school shopping. I'm glad I'm not alone ;)

Rebecca said...

@ nikki - you are so not alone! It is how i justify shopping to my husband all the time this fall.

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