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So much of my design work is based on weddings! I love the wedding industry and living vicariously through all of my brides. I love to pieces each of them, and then miss them when they get married and we don't talk daily or weekly. I love seeing their photos though and seeing the beautiful visuals of how everything comes together.

I also do baby related items such as announcements, shower invites and birthday cards. It was actually really fun to recently get a request from a former bride to do her birth announcements. So, in that respect, i do get to see one of my favorites again!

More recently, i was contacted by a local author who just had her first book published; Simplicity Parenting. She asked me to design an invitation to a party in honor of the publication at a local book house. So simple, yet so fun, the change of pace was a nice twist!

Printed on heavy recycled Crane Paper, the final result was so elegant and Lisa was happy! (which makes me smile ear to ear).

{ source: The Pink Orange }

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Nicole (HTB) said...


What type of comp program do you use to create your designs and to creat your websites?

Rebecca said...

@ Nicole- depends on the project, but i work with CS InDesign, Illustrator and Photshop. Websites are a different ballgame and there are a few options out there for the "dumb" user for the more advanced user!
Totally email me if you want more information.

Renee said...

Do you do adoption announcements??

Rebecca said...

@ Renee - i sure do! Anything you need and want, i can do.

Sarah said...

Oooh, love these, especially the typewriter graphic:) I know what you mean, it is so sad when the bride goes off to get married and then you don't talk anymore!! Awesome that were able to do a birth announcement for one of them...I haven't yet ventured into the baby realm, but would love to.

Thanks, I'm definitely going to email you....just not sure if it will be this week, day job is crazy now:( Can't wait to chat more!!!

Rebecca said...

@ Sarah! We totally need to talk. Email when you have a moment. I know exactly what you mean though about the time. I feel like i have none of it lately.

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