{ 40 days until Fall }


Wow! It is amazing how fast the summer went! To be honest though, it really doesn't feel like we had a summer. Most of the season was washed away and spent indoors rather than outside doing the things i normally enjoy in the summertime. For cripes sake, i wish Mother Nature could have gotten things right this year. I mean, we really only have a few short months of the good weather in good ol' Upstate NY anyway! But...i digress.

As much as i hate to see summer weather make its way on out, i enjoy fall rolling in for a few reasons:
- new sweaters
- new boots
- new shoes...(the above in fabulous shades of browns, oranges and caramel)
- apple picking
- Starbucks fall beverages
- our fireplaces
- fall, chilly weather camping
and the list could go on and on.

Funny how finding one good item jump starts the shopping though.

Last week i was reading one of my favorite new blogs, Makeunder My Life (you have to check it out), i feel like i have made a new "blogging friend". Jess is great! Anyway, every week she exfoliates and gives something away for only the shipping costs! Well, luckily for me and the early bird i am, i scored a fab new bag!

I never win anything, really.... i don't. But because i insist on enjoying my java and "me" time at the ungodly hour of 5:30 or 6 am before the craziness of the day sets in- i scored it! It arrived today! (thanks Jess, i love it). It is so much more fantastic than i thought it would be and has plenty of room for me to stash my lipsticks ( i am an addict), my sketchbook and planner. Yes, i have a Blackberry, but insist on being a "paper planner."

Well, since i knew this spectacular accessory was about to arrive, i decided to check out DSW today. I mean, i did have my belated birthday coupon. Did you really think i would just throw it away?

Look what i found, for a mere $33.27 with tax! (regularly priced at $159.00)

So the fall shopping games have begun, and i can't wait!

What is on your "must have" list this fall?


The818 said...

That bag is gorgeous! I'm jealous!

valine1011 said...

What style are those shoes, I absolutely LOVE them!!:)

Rebecca said...

@ val... they are Kenneth Cole Reaction. I got them at DSW, but you might be able to get them right at a KC store!
Good luck, they are so comfy.

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