{ my artwork came in }


The artwork for the nursery arrived yesterday! You may remember my post about finding the most perfect artwork in NYC at the stationary show. I forgot how awesome it was. And, when Christopher and i held them up above the crib, once framed, they are going to fit just perfectly! I'm so excited. I took some photos to share. Granted, they are still in plastic until they are framed so they don't get soiled, but i can't wait to hang them.

Here is the first:

Clemens preferred to be photographed for this one:

The third one:

And the last:

I think one of the best parts about receiving these was the sweet, sweet card that the owners personally sent to me. Separate. Not part of the package, but a cute little envelope arrived today, with a sweet message from them congratulating us on our adoption plans and they were honored that we (OK.. well me) selected their artwork to be hung. I thought it was so sweet of them, and seriously had me in tears, again. The people in our lives giving support is so amazing to both of us. Literally everyone from our closest friends and family members to strangers is beyond anything we could have expected.
Here is the cute card!

These ladies were awesome, shipping was quick and the product is top-notch! The company is Dee & Lala. Check them out!


nikinikinine said...

that's really cute stuff, I can't wait to see how the nursery turns out when you're all done! I broke down and bought the Serena & Lily Nursery book. What a dork I am. But the pretty pictures make me happy!

Wendy said...

I heart the little owls! They are so cute. :)

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