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It is funny how i will design most of the time. Well, funny to me at least. I often find myself starting with something so simple and most often a cool pattern on an accessory that gets an entire room or paper suite started. For instance in our master bedroom, the whole room was based on these adorable lampshades. Solid fabric, but a terrific shade of turquoise! So, the design went from there. Sometimes, i make it tricky for myself, but i like the challenge. And, quite often, i will find the perfect item in my travels that i just have to have!
So for quite awhile, even before our IF adventure (if you can call it that), i have always loved this nursery pattern:

It is Forest Nursery by PB Kids. It has been discontinued, so i called all over the country to other stores looking for the pieces that i need. Well i got what i need! Yay! So, one thing i personally dislike are designs being too "matchy". So the rest of the room will be based on textures and patterns. I would like to keep it somewhat mono-chromatic in color. Well, on Tuesday when i was at the Stationary Show, i found this wall art at one particular vendor. I almost dropped to the floor! Just what i was looking for to get the design going.

I love the look of the forest/outdoor/animals for the nursery. Since we are adopting domestically, we aren't able to choose the sex of the baby. Not that we would anyway, but that is the reasoning for needing to decorate a neutral nursery! So, now the fun begins with pulling together the rest of the room. The prints came from Dee & Lala.


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