{ happy (early) birthday to me! }


I can't believe it! I am in tears. We finally got the remainder of the money we need to adopt! It has literally been 3 weeks of crunching numbers, calling banks, talking with Charles Schwab, and anything else you can think of. We kept hitting walls. It was becoming frustrating and back to the dream stage, rather than reality. One of the biggest problems is my income. Being a business owner, of course you want to show a loss on your income. Well that doesn't sit too well with banks. They think i don't make any money, so i have nothing on paper to really show. Even my part time hours weren't really cutting it. It was so confusing to me because with Christopher's salary, we should have been fine. So i decided to talk with SEFCU. I pleaded our case, and they were the nicest group of loan officers ever! I don't know why we didn't make that our first call! Well, i got the call, and broke down into tears. The poor loan officer was like..." i didn't mean to make you break down.". I said..."it's OK, just after coming up on 2 years of trying and after going through fertility treatments, i never thought this part would be hard, and you just made it possible for us to adopt." ( i think he might have been teary too).
So now, we just have to fill out the final paperwork, and make our appointment and the journey begins!! I'm so excited. I told the loan officer that this was the best birthday gift ever!


Wendy said...

Oh, happy birthday! What wonderful news! I know - we were so happy to hear that our loan got approved for our adoption as well. You just don't know until you get the news...we were waiting and hoping.

Anyway, happy birthday!

Jennie said...


I am so ecstatic for you guys, that is awesome news!!! Congrats :)

nikinikinine said...

Rebecca, I really am so very happy for you guys. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel! This is amazing news.

ladyred said...

thanks girls!

Niki - it totally feels like the light at the end of the tunnel.... finallly! That is why i listen to that Coldplay song Fix You so much. It is pretty symbolic in that respect.

Marcyiam said...

Oh wow, that is awesome news! Congratulations! That must have been such an awesome, freeing moment. And a great Birthday present!

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