( my oh my, i'm 35!! }


So Saturday marked my 35th birthday! Wow! Where did all the years go? I honestly don't feel any different. I have a theory, you aren't old until you feel old. Period. And i don't. However, i am definitely not where i thought i would be at this stage of my life, in many aspects of my life, good and bad. So life is great, and i can't complain.

I had a wonderful birthday "weekend". Yes, i threw that out there. Poor Christopher. :-) Although, he really is the best hubby ever and treated me very well. He started with breakfast in bed and then gave me a gift from him, and a gift from our cats. It was pretty cute. He got me the shades i have been lusting after for about a year, and the cats got me a new armband for my ipod for working out.

Then he told me to get showered and dressed, and was hopped into the jeep. It ended up being a gorgeous day at 80 degrees, so we cruised to Saratoga for the day. We went to the farmer's market and walked around town.
Look at these beauteous plants and herbs!

After we strolled around a bit, we went to get some lunch! I had a delicious birthday drink!

After our drinks, we strolled through Congress Park for a bit and took some photos while we enjoyed our "buzz"! :-)

I love this random we got while setting our timer. Also, there are some fun things in this photo! I made some notes!

1) Inside that bag, are the best little snuggie socks that are perfect for a cool night, or a lazy day. They are from Life is Good. You can get yours here. 2) Inside our market bag, is a jar of locally made peanut butter from the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. I seriously think i had a mini lunch testing each flavor out! They are so good. You can get a jar here. And lastly, 3) those are my new Prada's that Christopher gave to me! They are pretty sassy!

This is what happens when you have birthday cocktails and start goofing around in the park:

Yes... Christopher performs ethical hacking, hence is funny tee that Santa brought him.

After we left Saratoga, we took the backroads home and found an adorable home goods store that was stellar! Just had the coolest, most unique items. We have been looking for a star for the front of our house and we found one there. It seemed so large in the store, but we loved how it is rusty, so we took a chance. Although the owner of the boutique who helped us, said we could return if it doesn't fit. Here is our new star!

We purchased it at Genevieve's in Ballston Spa, so any local readers, you should totally check it out!

Once we got home, Christopher bbq'd my favorites and we just relaxed with some more birthday drinks and made a fire! It was a perfect day!


Wendy said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great birthday! I love the glasses -- very cute!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the little shops in Ballston Spa?!?

Glad you had a great b-day celebration!

ladyred said...

i love them Nikki! Have you been to this one?

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