It's the little things in life


I tell you... the little things in life just make me so giddy. They make me smile out loud, and usually for the entire day. Whether Clemens brings me his favorite fish toy like prey he has been stalking forever or my hubby makes me coffee and my favorite fruit shake in the morning, they mean the most to me. Things money can't buy, and the smile is worth a thousand words. (well, sometimes, they are the things that i can buy, but on sale) ;-)
Well yesterday and continuing into today, i have had some "little" things, that feel huge!
First of all, we got a call later yesterday afternoon that our crib (see it here) is going to be delivered Friday morning. What a great sign of wonderful things to come. To have this set up and to finally know that we will have a baby sleeping in there is a feeling that i am not even sure i can express through words.

Also, yesterday i received my entry badge for the National Stationary Show. I am so stinking excited to go. I won't be showing my work, but rather scoping out new trends, ideas, going to some great business sessions and networking. I put it off last year (it comes only once a year) but i was determined to go this year. It is in NYC at the Javitt's Center! I am going to start working on a couple of different stationary lines to sell in stores and online and i can't wait to kick-start things with a day full of inspiration!

This morning, i was going through some emails and looking for a really nice script font for a client, and my favorite place to purchase is Veer. I hate the overuse of trendy, over-stylized fonts. I like a nice, classic, Swiss font from the 1950's. (Granted, i love fonts from the 1800's too, but nothing like a strong sans serif to compliment a beautiful script). Anyway, a collector of mugs, i came across this when looking for my perfect script:

Nothing like a fun, creative mug filled with my morning java to give me the jumpstart i need!
{You can buy it here}.

As i was looking through my blogroll this morning, i also came across this website, with some absolutely, positively gorgeous pieces. Perfect compliment for a pair of jeans, or a white summer dress! I am in love with this necklace.

Lastly, i was shopping yesterday looking for a new must have outfit for my trip to NY, and i have always wanted a gypsy dress, but just can't spend the money now. With adoption, we have to save all we can, and splurging on clothes just isn't in the budget anymore. Well i found a great outfit, and as i was walking by NY&Co., spotted this dress!

I love wearing dresses at summertime! They are so comfy. And what i liked about this dress was how long it was. I am so tall, and dresses sometimes cut off at my leg in a bizarre spot. Not this one!

So, those are the little things for now. I hope you have a day filled with the little things in life.


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