The cutest booties EVER!


There is nothing better in life than finding the perfect gift, for the perfect person in your life. Then, there is nothing even better than that, except finding the perfect gift for a perfect little baby that just makes you squeal!
My friend had her daughter's baby naming last week. We went, but i didn't want to bring part of her gift to her, because i was waiting for these adorable little booties! Handmade by a friend Shannon. I got baby Hailey her very own fairy tale bookand i sent Shannon the link so she could match her fabrics to the book. What a perfect compliment they are. She even made a fabulous drawstring bag to keep the booties and matching headband in. Hailey is going to love them, and i can't wait to give them to her!
What a perfect little gift.

Here are a few photos:


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