I have been blogging more and more, and finding some of the best blogs out there. Some on adoption, which i love reading the stories; art, design and fashion are my absolute favorites and cooking! I have to figure out how to organize everything, and seriously give myself time restrictions on reading them! I get sucked right in! LOL
Funny coming from a person who doesn't like to read...well, chapter books anyway. Hand me an US Weekly, People, Lucky or Martha Stewart and i'm all good. I think i love how sweet and simple blogs are. Snippets of life, love and art.
I wanted to share a couple of my new favorites with you. Oh! And did i mention how fantabulous the new Safari is? When i open it, it has images of the most viewed websites/blogs! I don't even have to type anything in the search bar. How cool is that?

What I Wore

A look into Jessica's life as a fashionista, and see her outfits each day. When i am feeling in a fashion rut, i go here!

We are getting ready to have our crib delivered, and i keep thinking about how i would like to design the rest of the nursery. I found this blog, and there are so many updates each day, it is the perfect lunchtime reading treat!

Spearmint Baby

Enjoy! And i'll post more as i find new favorites.


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