{ Parker is 4 months }


And this momma is so sad to have been distant from the blogosphere. It is amazing how the days fly by with a little one and a business that is just busier then busy. In just a couple of short weeks though, things will be settling down a bit and i can get back into my regular blogging. It feels like forever! Well, shucks, it has been.

In the meantime, my little man turned 4 months old, started solids and all around is showing personality beyond belief!

Eating his cereal! He loves it and will bend his head down to meet the spoon.

Have a great holiday weekend! Have any fun plans?
We are headed to Ikea tomorrow in New Jersey so i can scoop up some goodies for my studio and to get some shelves for Parker's playroom. Seriously, it is like Buy, Buy Baby has exploded in our living room. We are going to use my old office for his playroom for the time being. I love Ikea (and the meatballs).


Wendy said...

Have fun at Ikea! I need to get there soon. :)

Parker is so cute - and yes, you can see his personality shining through the pictures!

I'm so happy for you guys!

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