{ Parker is 3 months }


It is pretty hard to believe! This guy is growing right before my eyes. He has such strong legs, i'm a tad worried he is going to walk sooner than later. He does little squats with all the strength he can muster. He has been rolling from tummy to back since week 7 and will just hang out on his fore arms on the floor if he isn't in the mood to roll.

His personality is really starting to shine and he gets more and more fun each day! He loves to "talk" and has been trying to giggle. I seriously can't wait until it really happens!

We leave on Saturday for our annual trip to Rhode Island, and i simply can't wait to get his feet in the sand and water to see how he acts.


Stephanie R said...

Tell us about those cute onsies! I've never seen them with the month and weight. Super cute & unique!

Rebecca said...

Steph - i actually design them each month and print out on transfer paper, then iron on. I love that i can keep each month and see how big the onesie's get!

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