Parker is 5 Months..


Ok, so he was 5 months on September 22. Give this girl a break, i was 3 days away from my new website launch. (i did take the photo on time however). My life was running on less than a handful of hours a sleep per night and coffee by the gallons, not the cups- i was able to get the project launched that i was knee-deep in when Parker was born. So now my friends, since that has passed, i can focus again here, on my own little getaway and journal of goodies. While it won't be super full time again, i'll be here more then i have been.

OK.. so here are his 5 month photos. The hat? Christopher's Auntie keeps knitting these amazing pieces and ships them. I love coming home to a sweetly wrapped package and not a bill or piece of junk.

The chicks really dig my punk hat.

Bless his little heart, i eat him up every day!

AND.. he sits! LOVE IT.

Have a most enjoyable weekend and i'll be back next week with lots of goodies!


Wendy said...

He's just the cutest little guy ever! So happy for you - so much exciting news in your life!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, too. :)

honeydew1894 said...

Glad to see you back on the blogging scene! I love these new pics! He is one cute kiddo :-)

HomemadeBaby said...

Popped by and was happy to see an update! What a cutie, growing so fast!

sheba said...

he's absolutely scrumptious, rebecca!

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