A few of my favorite things...


Sort of sounds like a line straight out of the Sound of Music, eh?

{1} Burt's Bee Apricot Oil - Parker had a small case of craddle cap. We used this on his hair during his bath, and the craddle cap never worsened and improved. Like magic, seriously.

{2} Uppa Baby Vista - Best. Investment. Ever. Parker slept the first two weeks in the bassinet and then transisioned into his crib so easily. Not only is the bassinet attachment the best thing since sliced bread, the attachments are the bomb too. We took him outlet shopping in the rain last week and he was totally protected from the rain, and then when the sun decided to come out in blaring forces, he was also really protected. It drives as smooth as my sedan and turns like a race car.

{3} The Baby Whisperer -
LOVE this book. It has saved my sanity, for real. We realized some mistakes we were making, especially as first time parents and this gave us that "ah-ha!" moment. Parker can put himself to sleep (9 times out of 10) and gives us a good 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night now. My only mistake is not reading it earlier. We didn't start reading it until week 8.

{4} Ikea Poang Rocker - My little nugget loves to be read to and rocked. Just as he is getting sleepy, i'll put him in his crib so he can put himself to sleep. It is our night time ritual and i love that time with him. Plus, selfishly, i sometimes don't have to cook dinner because of it - Christopher does.

{5} Puj tub - Best. Invention. Ever. The first few baths were tricky, but since then, he LOVES bath time! He is so comfy, doesn't slide around and has room to grow in this. Plus, our bathroom is so small, i love that we can just hang this thing on our shower wall and bam! No oversized plastic tub to get out and store back away. Genius.

{6} Aden + Anais swaddle blankets - My sister bought these as a gift for us, and i use the constantly. Even in the warm nights now, they are light enough as muslin to wrap him in. They are huge, so you can get a nice tight wrap too! Parker has never liked his arms swaddled, but he loves to be swaddled at nap and bedtime. Plus, they wash really well! I think i have washed each one about 177 times now and they are still like new. Totally worth the money!


Vicki O said...

I LOVE the A&A blankets. Best purchase for Andrew. I use them so much I was considering buying more than the 4 I have. Any excuse to have the husband make dinner so that I can hold the baby is a good excuse to me :)


Stephanie R said...

I agree on the A + A blankets! Love them!
So glad to learn about BB oil. We are dealing with cradle cap with our newest little guy right now. I just picked some up at Target yesterday. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

OMG! Congrats Stephanie!!! I need to hear more about him.

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