[ think he is embarrassed? ]


Why yes, i'm quite certain Clemens did not want any part of this costume. However, i could resist trying it on the poor guy. Afterall, he does have a holiday tee that he proudly sports at Christmas. I really think it was the velcro underneath that ticked him off. {plus he is a tad plump}.

Growing up, we had a cat Smokey, {poor guy} that we would dress up, put in our doll stroller and call it a day. He dealt with it. Such a good boy. I thought Clemens might be the same, but not so much! However, Christopher and i were literally on the floor laughing at him. He was too funny in this costume.

So, what are your Halloween plans this year?

We are headed to our friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party {she is indeed a Halloween baby} and then spend the later day and evening watching scary movies and eating! We get some trick-o-treaters, but not a ton. Our neighborhood is pretty old, with not many children.


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