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Hi all!
So we are back from vacation and it was fabulous! We weren't interrupted, but that is OK. I think i was having a "oh woe is me" moment. So, we can look forward to making memories perhaps next year with our baby!

We had such wonderful weather while we were there. The ride out was tricky, as it was raining the entire time and we only had the top skin of the Wrangler. It made for a fun, wet ride. Also, we were so bummed when we got the call that my sister and my nieces couldn't come because of Miss Ava being sick, and her car was in the shop. I was super bummed out, but with other kids at the house, it made sense for everyone.

I took a ga-zillion photos, i kid you not. So i had a hard time selecting which ones to share, so here are some of my favorites.

Each day, was seriously work packing to go. Although, we did spend pretty much all day at the beach, so we did have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Good golly, what will happen when we do have a baby to pack up to?

When we arrived on Wednesday, it was still sprinkling. Thursday was pretty overcast, but really warm. The waves definitely showed remnants of a storm that had passed. The boys got beat up in the waves!

The first night, we went shopping for fresh seafood and grilled... a lot. It was delicious!
This is Jesse, Bronwyn and Jesse's son.

Bronwyn and me!

Christopher and me. Poor guy, little Jesse wanted him to wear my beach hat, and have his photo taken.

We found this amazing spot on the beach to get clam cakes. Best. Treat. Ever!

On Friday, our other friends joined us. You might remember them from camping? Our friends with the precious twin boys? My god, they love the beach. They played all day long. The waves were a bit intimidating for them, but they did try.

Then, Saturday night, we made an amazing seafood boil. It had clams, mussels, shrimp, 3 kinds of sausage, corn, potatoes and spices to make it extra yummy!

Browyn, Jesse and Christopher prepping for the big, big seafood dinner!

We are already looking forward to next year! And of course, hoping there is a baby in tow. =)


Wendy said...

Great pictures - looks like such a wonderful trip! I hope that next year you have a little addition to take along with you, too :)

milk tea + polkadots said...

I've been wanting to have a clambake/seafood boil all summer! Looks delicious!

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