[ Indian Lake camping trip ]


OK friends, I'm going to skip my Friday Finds this week and share my camping photos with you. Sorry it took me so long to put these up.

Of course, there are stories to go along with. The first being that i never charged my camera battery before we left. Now normally, the battery life is amazing, but since it had been forever since i charged it, i ran out of juice. So, i didn't get nearly as many photos as i wanted to. I resorted to my iPhone, which takes wonderful photos, but that too has a battery life. Since we were in no-man's-land, the battery got sucked up quickly.

I'll never forget when we pulled up, we checked in, and before the forest rangers would let us launch the boats we got "the talk". Yes..."the talk". Not about being loud and obnoxious and not about where to swim and where not to. This talk was about bears and coyotes. At that very moment, Bronwyn and I were ready to run, not walk to the nearest hotel. Which, where we were would have taken all weekend to walk to anyway.

So we listen. Here is what we were told.

Forest Ranger: " You must not sleep in any clothes you cook in. You must not have any clothes in your tent that you have cooked in. You must bag them up and hang from a tree or put them in your boat." {ok. gulp} The bears will smell them out and come into your tent!

Forest Ranger: " You must not leave beer cans, soda cans or any other juice containers out at night." Bears recognize them and will destroy your campsite.

Forest Ranger: "You must wash all dishes before bed, and dump any greasy water down the pit toilet. The bears can still smell the scent of food even in the water."

Forest Ranger: "You must put all coolers in your boat at night." Ok, seriously? We had 12 coolers. 12!! We ended up lining them up each night and covering with a tarp, and putting large rocks on them.

We also had a dog with us. A little maltese. We were also told to make sure that Harley (the dog) stayed with us at all times because the coyotes could get him.

Me: "you have got to be effin kidding me." I'm outta here!
OK, not really.. i stayed, we had lots of fun, no bears (that we saw anyway) and tons of fond memories.

Looking at the lake from the docks. It was gorgeous all weekend long.

Someone did not want his photo taken. This is one of my friend's twins. They are 2 and a half, their first camping trip and they were amazing the entire time!

Bronwyn, me and Jenn... hanging by the docks, waiting for everything to be loaded into the boats.

Chilling waiting for the boat to come back and pick us up. With 12 people, 12 coolers, and lots of gear, the 2 boats had to make 2 trips to get everything to the island.

Pretty Kelcey (Bronwyn's 10 year old daughter) getting excited. This was her first camping trip with her brother Jesse, and also she went tubing for the first time.

Brownyn and i waiting for our boat. We started having cocktails at this point.

Our mini tent all set up!

Christopher helping Brownyn's husband set up their mansion! Seriously, their tent was huge.

Seriously, look at all of our crap! You would have thought we were there for a week!

Breakfast is a must!

Jesse caught his first fish, in his polar bear fleece pajamas! Can't beat that!

My husband, master pyro. I swear he can't ever leave the fire alone! He does it at home too when we have a fire in the living room.

The twins, making smores.

And... to keep it real, Bronwyn and I, unshowered at day 3. But you know what? It was totally fine, worth the fun and it has always been on my bucket list to rough it in the woods.
And we did!

So, i think i have had enough camping for the season. Next trip to Rhode Island will be on the beach, in a house, with indoor AND outdoor showers.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Wendy said...

I'm not a camper, but it looks like you had so much fun!! I love the pic of the twins and their smores :) Too cute!

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