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So late yesterday morning, i received a message from my friend offering 2 free sneak preview tickets to the movie SALT, which opens this Friday. Fabulous i say and i drive over to pick them up! We have been anxious to see the movie and were thinking about the drive-in this weekend for a date night. But free? In a more fabulous movie theater? Sold.

I had a client meeting until 6, the theater opened at 7 for the preview and the movie started at 7:30. So Christopher got us a table at PF Chang's, ordered some cocktails and apps and had dinner waiting for me when i got there.

We had a swift 1/2 hour dinner and we almost got up from the table without eating our fortune cookies. I said... "hang on babe, we forgot these."

I gobbled mine down and it had a typical... keep dreams strong or something 'usual' like that. I can't even remember. But.. when Christopher opened his, it was this:

How perfect? We both got a slight teary, he tucked it into his wallet and off we went to the movie. I just love the little things.

On another note, SALT was awesome! Part of it was filmed about 20 minutes from us last spring in Albany, NY. We actually drove and sat under the bi-passes one day with the Jeep top down to get glimpses of the filming above us. It was really cool, and what was more cool was watching the movie and seeing recognizable places in the movie where i practically drive everyday!


Stephanie R said...

Awesome! I don't know if you remember this, but I got a very similar and meaningful fortune cookie two weeks before our "call". I tucked it away as a keepsake. :)

paisley penguin said...

Good luck with the fortune cookie!

I want to see SALT too!

bklyn76 said...

that is definitely a *sign* of things to come very very soon!

btw, i love pf chang's lettuce rolls!

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