[ tidbits from the weekend ]


Monday already? Really? The one thing i loathe is trying to start a knowingly long and stressful work week after a fabulous weekend. It is so hard to get going knowing what i am up against. But... nevertheless, i do it and enjoy it.

I had a great weekend! My birthday was yesterday and i really can't believe that i am officially closer to 40 now. Eeek! But one of my little life mottos is: "Age is just a number, you aren't old until you feel old." So I am sticking with that.

Friday night we sat on our new patio furniture, enjoyed wine and food and played scrabble until the wee hours of the night. It was awesome. Saturday, i really wanted to continue working on our landscaping. I'll post photos along with the ultimate plan. I'm really excited about it all. Then, my husband was so sweet. He social organized to have some friends come over to have dinner. They all cooked, brought delish wines, my favorite ice-cream cake and gifts. They were all so sweet and i loved that Christopher took care of everything.

Yesterday, after church we went to lunch and came home and relaxed. The weather was awful here with typhoon like rain. We were going to go see a movie, but decided it would be much more fun to come home and relax, eat leftover ice-cream cake and lounge around here. It was perfect!

Here are some photos for you.

My friend Bronwyn and her daughter Kelcey.

Some of the yummy food!

Bronwyn, Kelcey and me! (with the fabulous necklace that the girls gave me)

This series came from us teaching Kelcey to use the sports setting on our camera. If you hold the button down, it will just keep clicking so you can get fast action shots. However, i think it was designed for...well... sports. Not necessarily 2 goofy blondes having too much wine and making funny poses. But who cares, we had a blast!

I am sure you can all imagine what i wished for when i blew out my candles. I really hope my birthday wishes come true. This weekend was just what i needed to take my mind of the wait. Each day that goes by, it gets progressively harder.

Have a great week!


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