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Eep! I don't know how this comment made it to my spam folder, as i try and reply to everyone, so i apologize Lisa.

Back when we did our weekend assignment of painting our fireplace, she asked:

"Just curious, where is your DVD player and cable box? Are they hiding somewhere? I'm always curious about where people place them when the tv is over the fireplace."

Here is your answer, and again, i apologize for the delay!

My husband is a network engineer, so i'm lucky that he knows his stuff about wiring. So, he actually has our network of wireless, cable goodies and whatever other "nerd gear" he needed in the basement. He pulled wire down the wall of the chimney by cutting a hole and snaking it down to the basement. (If you look closely, you can see the outlet boxes next to the french door on the right.) We actually don't have cable anymore, so we use his PS3 to stream Netflix, HuLu and whatever else. That sits behind the t.v so it is somewhat hidden. Before we got rid of cable though, he had also run wire and cable on an adjacent wall and our cable box and PS3 player sat on a bookshelf.

If our house was new, it would be been done during the building phase. But since it is so old, we had to do it this way. I helped and it sucks, but the results are well worth it!

I hope that helps!
Now... i need to get my butt in gear and share some camping photos that are long overdue.


Lisa said...

Thanks for answering! This was a big issue when we decided to hang our tv over the fireplace too, so I was just curious how other people did it. We did something similar to you by wiring everything through the wall and into the laundry room closet. We have to go to the laundry room to put in a DVD, but it hides all the boxes, wires, and electronic crap no one wants to see.

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