[ weekend assignment: the fireplace mantle ]


It has been such a long time since i have posted a weekend assignment, and yet i feel like every weekend is filled with some sort of project! Whew. We are going to go crazy the next handful of weekends and complete the nursery, work outside on landscaping and other goodies so we can enjoy the summer and just sit back and wait for our baby.

This project we did last weekend. It took much longer than anticipated, but came out lovely. I'm so happy with the change. However, it isn't done. I need to finish accessorizing and the hearth we decided needs to be raised. But- i wanted to share the project with you all.

So, the original inspiration came from this photo if you all remember.

This is what we started with. I think Christopher was scratching his head wondering what on earth he got himself into by agreeing to do this.

I don't know what was worse. The prep work or the actual painting of the fireplace.

STEP 1: Sand the entire fireplace to get rid of any extra soot, grout and dirt.
STEP 2: Vacuum really, really well getting into all the crevices.
STEP 3: Wash the entire fireplace with a wire brush and let dry.

STEP 4: Apply primer that is suitable for masonry. We started by painting in all the crevices first, then rolled on afterwards. We found it easiest this way. We applied just one coat of primer.

You can see how tricky it was to get all of the dark spots. We wanted it to look nice and crisp, rather than rustic so we really spent a ton of time going back in with small brushes and getting all the cracks filled. Here is the primer coat.

While that first coat was drying, we had already primed the red wall and now we were able to start painting the neutral color.
Here is the first coat of paint on.

Here is the finished product! Ta-da! This was taken a few evenings later when it was a tad chilly. As you can see, i'm sparse on the accessories, but i haven't found quite the find pieces to finish it off. It really made the entire room look and feel lighter.

So, i think it cost less than $100, but pretty much an entire day to complete. We already had the caramel colored paint that was leftover from when we had painted originally so we didn't have to purchase more.

I hope you like!
Have a terrific Tuesday.

Oh- and don't think my trip to Lowe's didn't include some fun colored glossy paint for the nursery. I can't wait to share a new color i have added in.


Deborah said...

Your hard work paid off! Kudos to both you and Christopher! And I couldn't help but notice your kitty sleeping in the window in the final reveal pic. So cute!

Sarah said...

Yay! I love it! So much brighter and more clean and airy. Definitely worth all that work. I love the lanterns you on either side:)

Rebecca said...

Thanks girls!
I love, love, love it! The mantle is a brighter white than the brick, which i also really love. I'm not sure you can see that in the photo. I need to add some greens to the top of the mantle. Something small-ish and flat i think.

Lisa said...

It looks great! So much more fresh, clean and modern!

Just curious, where is your DVD player and cable box? Are they hiding somewhere? I'm always curious about where people place them when the tv is over the fireplace.

Laura said...

My fiance really wants to put our TV above our new fire place... I wanted to know if you have any extra supports to keep the TV from falling.. and how wide is the top of your mantel?

Thanks in advance!

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