[ tidbit from the weekend ]


A gosh darn day late!

Grrr.. there is nothing worse then a great outfit with less than stellar shoes other than no internet when you have lots to do. Yesterday, i felt utterly paralyzed. I had to use a combination of my husband's iPad along with his desktop that has none of my files on it. My computer and the internet were just. not. friends yesterday. So, my ability to post (or lack thereof) pissed me off!

Anyway, the weekend was an utter washout here. We were able to plant one discount tree that we bought, and we were also able to lug home bags upon bags of mulch. My plans to take my nieces to the lake for a birthday party were wrecked by mother nature's inability to realize we are in June and give us some nice swimming weather.

Here are just a couple of highlights! I hope your weekend was relaxing and wonderful!

{Christopher and i heard some banging and knocking to realize that Clemens has found a new "home" in the shelves in the nursery. He was hanging out of the shelves, playing with the toys below. Gotta love that crazy cat.} {Even with the rain, we were able to give Clemens a quick walk, his favorite thing ever.} {One of my favorite mugs from the Tate Modern museum in London, part of my traveling mug collection}
Have a lovely day!


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