[ i found my inner green thumb ]


This past weekend, i threw my pink finger to the wind and dug right in - literally!

We decided to really get serious about changing the landscaping of our home (well, to be honest, there wasn't much to change. It sucked) and also add some curb appeal. It is only our third summer here, but last year we were knee deep in the nursery renovation and our home study. Since our plan is to move in a few years, we figured this was going to take some time and money. We may as well start chiseling away at it.

So here is the start. I have been begging Christopher to move that darn pink tree to the other side of the house. The plan is to plant bushes flanking each side of the entry. Where it currently was, it grows right in the way. It is pretty and all, but that wasn't a good spot for it.

So we had to first dig up an ugly, sort of blah (probably close to dead) shrub on the end. Here was our victory with the axe!

After much fighting (with the tree to be sure to not kill it in the transplant) and feeling sort of like Wonder Woman, here is the replanted tree. It really took that long, the sun had moved, so the photo is sort of dark.

We shaped the shrubs, and started sketching out a plan for the rest of the front. I *think* we have it and i'm so excited! We also had someone come look at the steps to estimate covering them in bluestone. He can also replace the columns for us all in the same day! I'm so thrilled and excited. It is going to be a huge change. And... we don't have to do the work! Quite honestly, i'm not sure who we thought we were by even thinking of attempting it. LOL

We also started some planting along the side of the house. We dug up all the old yucky stuff and started planting hydrangeas. You can see in the back where i still need to finish.

I'll be anxious to show the transformation throughout the summer, so keep your eyes out for updates. I then put away my green thumb and grabbed an aged bottle of Ommegang beer. Boy did that hit the spot!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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