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Good morning friends and happy, happy Friday! I am more than happy it is Friday. Being away for the beginning of the week totally made the rest of the week feel "off", and made me so busy i had a hard time catching up and coming up for air!

This Friday's find, is a group of contemporary accessories that are both contemporary and functional; For both men and women They sort of look like space objects to me, but still kind of fun with the right outfit i suppose. I kind of like the silver clutch! There is one store in Brooklyn {*wink, wink* to @bkyln} with more to come!

| source: Stewart/Stand|

Have a fabulous weekend!


bklyn76 said...

i love silver accessories and have a great vintage clutch from my mom's closet! i'll be in bklyn next month and will definitely be visiting the dumbo store! thanks for posting, r!

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