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Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I was so surprised with the fabulous weather, and my only hope is that it will last through the weekend as we are totally roughing it, camping for 4 days. Eeeck!

I still can't believe i have been up for a couple of hours already after being up so late watching LOST! Did anyone else see it? I nearly fell asleep, but i forced myself to stay up only for a "so-so" ending. But, i digress.

Here is the weekend in photos.

On Saturday, we went to see our niece play softball. Longest, game ever! They were so cute though.

Lunch on the river where these beauties greeted us.

Sunday we went to our local farmer's market. Clemens apparently wanted to go too! We bought some amazing muffins (that didn't last long) and lots of fruits and veggies!

The weekend ended with the marathon of LOST, and our favorite home made nachos to go along with!

So, what did you all do this weekend? Relax, travel or house projects?


Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! We did some yardwork and housework and run a bunch of errands. It was beautiful here yesterday, so it felt nice to be outside. We watched Lost last night, too. It was an okay ending...

Lindsey said...

We were in Florida for my Mom's birthday! I need a vacay from that vacay!

Looks like you had a nice, relaxing weekend!

Cyd said...

We were busy busy as always. Traveled up to Watertown for a baby shower on Saturday, while Mike tackled yard work. Yesterday was house cleaning and laundry and errands, plus we bought a new gas grill and failed at attempting to assemble it...there's always next weekend, right? ;-)

Rebecca said...

Wow! Everyone was busy this weekend. Funny how the summer months of weekends get so jam packed!

@Lindsey - i always need a vacay after vacay. LOL

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