[ A very productive weekend ]


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We really, really did. I feel like i just don't get to see my family enough, so it always bums me out when we have to leave. Especially Ellie and Ava. After mass yesterday we went out for a scrumptious brunch complete with mimosas. We then stopped at my in-laws for a couple of hours and then made our way to my parents for dinner. After dinner we had an egg hunt with the girls. During the hunt, Ellie said to me..."When are you going to get your baby? I'm just starting to get really excited." Talk about making my heart melt. So our hopes are of course, that next year we will have a little nugget crawling or walking around hunting for eggs too!

Here are just a few photos from yesterday. I just love my nieces to bits.

Me with Miss Ava

Ava and Ellie

After the egg hunt, getting ready to see what prizes they won!

So now you are probably wondering why i called this a productive weekend? That is because on Saturday, the first beautiful day of the year, we decided to get lots of work done, both in the nursery and our living room. I can't share too many photos yet, because i need to accessorize, but i received these vinyls from Christopher as a gift.

I had sent him the link months ago and he just wasn't into them. Little did i know he saved the link and ordered them as a surprise. Now i just have to decide where to put them.

We also completed a project that we have been itching to do and since we were able to throw the windows open, it seemed like the perfect day. Can you guess what we did?

Plenty of photos to follow, but wanted to give you a glimpse into our weekend.

Have a marvelous Monday!


Sarah said...

You can pull off the bunny ears!!!! Your nieces are so cute...glad you had a great Easter! We spent time with our nieces too, one of whom is named Ava:) Loves those nursery decals! Oooh, oooh, did you paint the fireplace?

Rebecca said...

LOL.. thanks Sarah! Yay for another Ava. Her name totally fits her too.

And yes, we did paint the fireplace and the wall behind it. It looks amazing! I have to accessorize and then i'll share.

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