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Even though 95% of the design work i do is graphic design, i do have a couple of interior design clients. (That was my previous life in case you didn't know). :-)

Well, last year, i designed a walk-in closet for said client's wife. Actually, i'd like to call it a walk-in room. It was far bigger than any closet i have ever had, walked in or seen. I wish i had photos to show you, but imagine custom wood shelving, storage areas and a massive, yet beautiful island with a granite top that had lingerie drawers, and plenty of storage for her designer handbags... sigh..... It was so lovely when all was said and done.

I started to spring clean and purge my own walk-in closet this week. Not even 1/4 the size of hers, but still a fun size dressing area for me. (Poor Christopher, he doesn't have much space at all in his closet). To even have a walk-in in a house that is nearly 100 years old is unheard of anyway. I got to dreaming back to this client's closet and thinking how one day i would love a closet space like that. I then found these beauties while reading one my daily reads, Crystal's blog, Plush Palette.

Aren't they amazing spaces?

I thought i would share my humble space too and how i repurposed some antiques and accent shelves in my closet.

When we repainted our room last year and purchased new furniture, i didn't want the vanity i had at the time in the room anymore. Since my closet gets amazing light, i installed 2 shelves with a mirror hanging right by the window to apply makeup. Works out well and i can dry my hair there too, freeing up space for Christopher in the bathroom. We have a small bathroom.

My grandmother also gave me the mirrored tray that i have my perfume sitting on as well as another antique glass basket that I put my wedding rings in when they are off.

The artwork was so inexpensive at T.J. Maxx a bunch of years ago and i was able to reuse in this closet.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my closet!

Now, the only thing i have yet to resolve is how to store all my tall boots. They are a mess all the time. Does anyone have storage ideas for me? I hate them in the pile that they currently are.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Hi. I'm a new reader (found you on thebump) and I wanted to follow your journey of adoption. I think it's wonderfully exciting.

I just wanted to say hi and I will say that I am in love with that first closet picture. As for the boot problem, I offer no help, mine are in a pile as well.

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