[ friday finds: Reverie Daydream ]


Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a fabulous week.
Before i show you the goodies i found, i wanted to share this quote from Ralph Marston.

You don't know for certain what will happen tomorrow, or even later today. So stop fighting against it, and don't waste your life with worry about what might or might not be. Be okay with what will come, and you'll be able to handle it. You'll even discover some pleasant surprises.

Make your very best plans to be as effective and as productive as you can be. And be okay with the fact that everything won't go according to those plans.

Life is a process of constant change, and in that change is powerful energy. In that change there are always new possibilities being born.

Be eager to explore the new treasures that each moment brings. Look for the value and goodness in every new circumstance, and you'll surely find them.

Be okay with not knowing exactly what will come. For whatever it is, you will know what to do to make your life and your world the best it can be.

This statement today is so strong for me as i feel like my life as Rebecca, and my life with my husband has changed over the past year a great, great deal. I feel like i have finally realized after a whole lot of searching what I want and need in life to make me and us happy. I feel like i was able to rid myself of some toxic and unfriendly situations in my life. I have grown to be able to deal with the worst of the worst, and the best of the best. I have made some amazing, amazing friends that i am truly grateful for. We share the same funny stuff, spirituality, religion, values, morals and some of the best laughter that i have had in a long time!

OK - now onto the fun stuff. Thanks for letting me get mushy for a bit. We are starting to refocus on the nursery again and i can't wait. Christopher bought me the most darling wall vinyls that i have been wanting. Now i can't wait for them to get here so i can finish up that wall! In the meantime, i came across this wonderful website. I first noticed the little bird vases to put in the nursery, but i soon realized what fun, beautiful things there are for the home, for body and for both men and women! The site is Reverie Daydream Boutique.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday if you celebrate!


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