[ in the blink of an eye....


life can change. ]

Shame on me for complaining like i do.

I'm not in the blogging mood today. I'm utterly uncreative, I'm sitting shocked and stunned, rather than vibrant and motivated. I found out today that one of my best girls at my printer's shop lost her fiancee on Saturday in a horrible car accident. She is also in critical condition at the hospital with head injuries.

I just talked to her Friday. We talk everyday, all day on projects, specs, etc. She is fabulous, quick, witty and is someone that i have yet to meet, yet we know each other so well just by how much we communicate.

:: sigh ::
Life is simply unfair sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Oh how life can be unfair! I also had a "life changing" moment this weekend and it sucks. I suppose we were never promised easy though.
Prayers for your friend and for you.

nikinikinine said...

Oh gosh, that is absolutely terrible. While it will take a while for her to heal emotionally I hope that she recovers physically soon. We really are blessed and unaware sometimes, aren't we?

Wendy said...

I'm so sorry. That's just terrible. I'm so sorry for her loss. I can't imagine.

Sarah said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry, Rebecca! I can not imagine losing my husband of 4.5 years, nevermind my fiance! What a shame. I hope she recovers well, I'll keep her and you and their families in my thoughts and prayers.

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