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Happy Friday everyone! What a whirlwind week it has been. Christopher has been away all week at a conference in San Francisco so i had myself extra busy with meetings and work. And boy did it all pay off because soon i'll have some great news to share! (no...it isn't baby news).

I'm really excited to see my hubby tomorrow and when we spoke last night, he managed to get in the conversation how close he is to an Urban Outfitters. Well, he is going to (hopefully) bring home one of the nursery accessories for me that I have had on my brain. Remember these? As long as they are in stock, he is bringing them home! I can't wait, because then i can get started on the window treatments in the room.

Anyway, since I have baby on the brain, I recently came across this link and thought it would be fun to share. I mean, how cute are these hats? And the kids wearing them? I think i might squeeze all of the cheeks!

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Sarah said...

Aw!!! They are so cute:) Paul goes away alot for work and its tough...but I do usually manage to get alot more done while he's gone...plus I can watch whatever I want on tv;) Hope they have what you want in stock at the store, that would be awesome!!!

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