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Go ahead.... make my day!

Really, i want to thank everyone for following along the past couple of years. Your thoughts online and off, your excitement, knowledge and support especially of our journey to build a family is so wonderful.

So i wondered is there something else you would like to see? Something more you would like to know? Perhaps i'm fairly boring and you care to know nothing? Perhaps you wondered about our adoption journey, my infertility or whatever it may be. I'm open, honest and will answer whatever you would like! So go ahead.. ask away!

So unless the post stays utterly blank, i'll post some answers next week based on whatever is asked!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Sarah said...

Fun! Ok, well I'd definitely like to hear more about how you started your business. Anything and everything you'd be willing to share:)

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Mine is a two part question!

A. How do you design your graphics ~ i.e. program/s etc.
B. How do you print your stationary?

Wendy said...

Have you been continuing to put together ideas for your nursery?

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