[ yup.. i am a bonafide cheese-ball ]


OK.. so admittedly, i refused originally to get sucked into The Bachelor this season.

But... he is pretty hunky, i enjoy a certain amount of reality t.v and drama and what's not to like about all the fun dates and exoctic vacations they take? :: sigh :: One day, we'll vacation again. For now i'll live vicariously through the show.

Anyway, one of the girls i really liked, Corrie has a website of her own.

She is a stylist and professional shopper? Really? A professional shopper? There is such a thing? I thought that was my second job. (well, Christopher thinks it is my second job). So she isn't in my area, but her blog is cute and i intend to visit daily! I wish i could carry her around in my pocket.

So who watched and what are your thoughts?
No doubt i Tweeted about it with my friends and i think i saw the words, #gag, #tool and #jerk show up a lot!


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