{ the unofficial end of summer }


I wore my favorite white jeans for the last time on Friday, my favorite white pants the last time on Saturday and my favorite sundress for the last time yesterday. It is interesting to me, especially in the northeast how a certain day on the calendar seems to coincide with the wacky weather here.

I also heard the ding-a-ling man last night for probably his last hurrah of the summer. Technically, summer doesn't end for 13 more days, but mother nature obviously felt the need to quit sooner. I am really holding out for a warm Indian summer though.

Memorial Day, the unofficial first day of summer seemed like so long ago! So between then and now, looking back, i can't believe how time flew. But... i also can't believe what we accomplished and did this summer!

- We signed on with our adoption agency! That was probably the highlight of our summer. To realize we were grieving not having biological children, but realizing how important parenting is to us more than the bio connection.

- We spent a lot of time at our friends lake house on Sacandaga Lake. What a great way to just relax and forget about everyday "stuff"

- We installed an
attic floor to give us extra storage and so we could prepare the nursery!

- We tore out the
closet in the nursery for extra storage space as well since the room is fairly small.

- We completed our home study reviews and submitted our profiles to print! Those were 2 really time consuming and rewarding achievements of the summer.

- We spent a long weekend in Rhode Island and battled the waves of Hurricane Bill

- Lots of bbq's, picnics and camping

- Plenty of summer cocktails, smores and ice cream!

I suppose i'll try and get myself pumped for cold weather now. We did stack wood by our front door this weekend and started planning some fall/winter events. Labor Day to Memorial Day now seems like 3 times the length of Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We have our annual Christmas Tree picking and brunch which i look forward to. We might fall camp and we have decided to go to NYC this year for the Turkey Day parade! I have always wanted to go, so i'm totally excited about this one. Otherwise, we'll have to play things by ear as we never know when we might have a little one with us!

Enjoy the short week!


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