{ weekend assignment part 2 }


We finished our attic project! It really wasn't bad at all. Two Saturdays and about $300.00 and now we have tons of storage space, and an empty nursery (with the crib and accessories that i have purchased) that i can go nuts on now.

Here is the finished space:

Looking at the far end from the steps walking up

Looking back with a wide shot from the stairs

After we finished, we had to "wash" the ceiling down where there were small mold spots to kill it. That wasn't as bad as i thought either. Our inspector wanted us to do it when we first had our home inspection, but not being able to move around up there made it tricky. So we love our old house, but little things like that can get tricky at times.

It was a long day, so after we cleaned up, we took a ride to Jumping Jacks, a cute little drive-in practically around the corner and got a burger and fries. Dessert was a tough one, deciding between fried dough and ice-cream. I had a twist with sprinkles! Not much wins out over ice-cream i must say. Then we just hung out in the park for a bit. There was a salsa band Saturday night, but we decided to leave before it started.

So next weekend's assignment is to start knocking out the closet in the nursery and paint. I am also working on a design board for the room, so i'll be posting updates on that, so stay tuned.

Have a magnificent Monday!


Hoity Toity Baby said...

Ok, you two are tooooo cute! Hard work, burger, fries, ice cream AND a stroll through the park. I'm jealous!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

Hi, smee again, I tried to get to The Pink Orange today to look at your work. And I couldn't access the page.

Rebecca said...

thanks for the heads up HTB!
The host company is working on it now.

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