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So our profiles arrived from the printer this week. We just had to sign them all and then i can ship them out. For those of you not familiar with the domestic adoption process, our profile will be shown to an expectant mother and she will select us (or another couple or person) from a group of profiles. That is why there are 40 of them, because potentially, that is how many times the agency will send it out.

Here is what a pile of profiles look like:

So the only piece we are waiting on now is our completed home study report. It has been slightly delayed, which is annoying as we were hoping to be active by this point, but not so. During the period our home study was done, NYS was going through some licensing changes and it caused us to have to get yet more paperwork. (As if the 324,343,433,000 sheets of paper we had gathered weren't enough). So a delay. I have been trying to stay positive though, as this month marked our 2 year mark of starting to even try to have kids, so what is a couple of more weeks. It has been hard lately, and sometimes life just doesn't seem normal. The emotional and financial drain get to me sometimes and it gets exhausting. Thank goodness we have so much we are working on though to make time pass and distract us.

The nursery is on the verge of being complete! yay! I have to share this photo too. My sister in law got an extra car seat for her shower, so she gave it to us. It has been sitting in the middle of the nursery floor until we install it, and Clemens has decided to claim it home!

Have a terrific day!


Gretchen said...

Your profiles look beautiful. Good luck!

bklyn76 said...

this is soooo exciting! i know you must be anxious about it taking a bit longer than expected, but i bet it will all go so quickly now! ack, i can't wait until your babe is in that carseat! :)

Rebecca said...

thanks ladies!

I am hoping things just go so quickly now!!

Mary Ann said...

I just came across your blog and just wanted to say good luck on your adoption. We have a 5yr old daughter thru the blessing of domestic adoption. She is a true gift and I hope you will soon be blessed as well.
Prayers to you

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